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Details of UG Admission Sub-committee members, 2019-2020
Name Contact No. mail id
Dr. Srijit Das (Convener) 7479308778 / 8900657718 icsrijit77@gmail.com
Dr. Tridib Chakrabory (Co-convener) 9831171341 chakraborty_t_ju@yahoo.com
Smt. Suchismita Maiti (Member) 9434255720 suchismita.maiti@gmail.com
Dr. Dibyatanu Dasgupta (Member) 8981723158 dibyatanu@yahoo.in
Dr. Tuhin Suvro Banerjee (Member) 8017929760 tuhin.banerjee1@gmail.com
Dr. Aninda Mandal (Member) 9434602182 mandal.aninda@gmail.com
Mr. Ajoy Das (Member) 7432899707 ajoydasnbu@gmail.com
Mr. Biplab Mandal (Member) 9732741013 biplab.rana.teacher@gmail.com
Mr. Kunal Naskar (Member) 9971026264 kunalnaskar2111@gmail.com
Smt. Suchandra Bhattacharya (Member) 9476362838 suchandrab7@gmail.com
Mr. Shyamal Das (Member) 7319000552 shyamalugb1987@gmail.com
Mr. Amar Sha (Member) 9046447484 amar.sha95@gmail.com
Mr. Partha Sarathi Aich 9064926284 parthasarathiaich@gmail.com

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